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Skydiving A-License Category H


  • Swoop and dock
  • Approaching another jumper
  • Break off and tracking


  • Front riser dives
  • Front riser heading control
  • Front riser safety


  • Aircraft radio use
  • FAA notification before jumping
  • Aircraft approved with door removed

Category H – Reading

SIM Section 4 Category G
Study USPA recommendations on unintentional water landings (SIM Section 5-1.F)
Study USPA recommendations on recovery from low turns (SIM Section 5-1.I)
Review the breakoff recommendations for groups in SIM Section 6-1
Study FAR 105.15 and AC 105.2E , Appendix 1 (prior notice requirements before jumping)
Skim AC 105.2E, Appendix 2 (aircraft approved for flight with door removed)