Skydive Springfield and Skydive Missouri® are now part of Flight Providers.

Adrenaline kicks in when the pilot opens the door as you’re thousands of feet above the ground. With your heart pounding you’re ready to skydive near Springfield and have the time of your life!

Experience the Thrill near Springfield!

Ready for the experience of a lifetime near Springfield, MO? Flight Provides is the closest skydiving center to Springfield, MO. Take the challenge and go tandem skydiving near Springfield. Our professional team makes the process enjoyable and exciting from beginning to end. We’ll send you weather updates as your reservation date gets closer. If the weather is poor we can easily reschedule for another weekend. We provide all of the equipment you need to make your skydive one to remember. The only things you need to bring are tennis shoes and a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt if you get cold easily. Tandem skydiving is our most popular option to get started. As part of the training, we’ll cover some basic information about the equipment, freefall position, flying the parachute, and the landing. Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience the thrill while attached to a Certified Instructor.

“Experience of a lifetime! The environment is very friendly and fun. It was an 11 out of 10, Going back soon to start training for my skydiving license!”

Making Your Tandem Skydive Look Good

Rest assured, your tandem instructor will make you look good and be there every step of the way. That first step out of the airplane is a long one as you skydive in Missouri. This is our most popular skydiving option. Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience the thrill without having to go by yourself. Your skydiving instructor will take care of exiting the aircraft, getting stable in freefall, deploying the parachute, and landing back at the airport. If you are interested we can also train you to deploy the parachute yourself. You can actually deploy your own parachute on your tandem skydive. You can also fly the parachute after it’s open. If you just want to go along for the ride that is great also. Our instructors can tailor the experience for each person. All of our team members are very safety conscious.


“Extremely informational and a really laid back yet professional environment. Really made my experience comforting and remembering.”

Focused on Skydiving Safety

Our excellent safety record shows that safety is our Number One priority. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to oversee skydiving. Our Skydive Missouri center is part of the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Overall the sport of skydiving continues to improve its safety record. Tandem skydiving has an even better safety record, with one student fatality per 500,000 tandem jumps over the past decade. Over the years parachute technology has advanced greatly. Tandem skydiving gear is now equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that will automatically deploy the reserve parachute if needed. This device alone has significantly reduced the risk of skydiving. Advances in parachute canopy technology have also resulted in softer landings. We can not eliminate the risk of skydiving. We have taken significant steps to reduce the risk. Safety starts with our professional instructors.

Professionalism Across The Team

All of our skydiving instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). All of our pilots are Commercial and Instrument-rated. There are different levels of being a skydiving instructor. A skydiver can start working on their Coach rating once they have 100 jumps. The Tandem Rating requires 500 jumps. Our most experienced instructors have multiple ratings and multiple thousands of jumps. While you are here it will be easy to see that our instructors have a passion for teaching. As Skydive Missouri became part of Flight Providers our knowledge base expanded. Skydivers can also take courses in advanced parachute flight, freefall skills, etc. Each year all skydivers also attend a Safety Day event. In addition, our instructors attend a recurrent training seminar conducted by a USPA Examiner to ensure skills are maintained. We have instructors qualified in every training method and there are a few different options.

“AWESOME experience! Super kind people that love what they get to do and create an atmosphere that reflects that. I felt totally comfortable jumping with them. CHECK IT OUT!!”

Options for Training and Skydiving near Springfield

Tandem skydiving is the most popular option for, but you don’t have to do a tandem jump the first time. You can go solo if you want. No matter which method you choose it takes a minimum of 25 jumps to get your license.

Tandem Skydiving

We covered some general information about tandem skydiving above. Tandem skydiving allows you to jump from full altitude attached to your instructor. Visit our Tandem Skydive page for more information. There are two different solo jump options that we offer as part of our skydive Springfield experiences. They both have pros and cons. Here is a summary of Static-Line (IAD) and Accelerated FreeFall (AFF).

Static-Line (IAD) Skydiving

Static-Line (IAD) is similar to military jumps where the parachute deploys as you leave the airplane from 4,500ft. This simplifies the skydive a little because you don’t have to worry about freefall skills on your first jump. All you have to focus on is exiting the airplane and flying the parachute. This method is less expensive because your first jumps are from a lower altitude and you only have 1 instructor with you. And, at the end of the day, you can still get your license in 25 jumps. This is our most popular method for learning to skydive. Visit our Skydive Training page for more information.

Solo Skydiving near Springfield

No matter which solo method you choose you’ll need to attend a 4-5 hour ground course. During the course, we’ll cover information on Exit, FreeFall, Canopy Flight, Emergency Procedures, Equipment, and Aircraft Operations. One great thing about skydiving is that you’ll meet a lot of interesting people. Part of the fun is just hanging out with everyone.

Social Atmosphere

We also have a great social atmosphere. Our team is always doing things together. We skydive together, eat together, and function like a small community. As you get into skydiving or any aviation activity, you will start to see that it’s more about the people. We always find ways to entertain ourselves with activities like the mini rock wall, throwing axes, and the slackline. Weekends go by quickly and we have to get as much out of them as we can. We fire up the grill around 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The meal varies a little each day as we alternate between burgers, chicken, pizza, etc. The initial skydiving A-License requires 25 jumps. Once you get your A-License we stamp your forehead and you officially become a licensed skydiver. The newest addition to our list of activities is the hot air balloon.

Airplane Rides near Springfield

Want to take the controls and fly the airplane yourself? Discovery flights include a short ground lesson that covers controlling the airplane and tailoring the flight to you. We inspect around the aircraft, engine compartment, and inside the cabin. This helps ensure the aircraft is airworthy for flight. After startup, you’ll taxi the aircraft to the runway and prepare for takeoff. As we pick up speed down the runway your instructor will help you lift off the runway. We can fly toward Springfield, Stockton Lake, or Pomme de Terre Lake. En route you’ll be able to fly the aircraft and learn basic navigation. After landing and parking the aircraft we’ll debrief the flight. This will be an opportunity to reflect on the flight and make a plan for your next lesson if you wish to continue. We check the weather frequently before deciding to go flying.

Aviation Weather

All aviation activities are weather-dependent. Each activity has different weather limitations. When it comes to wind, balloon flights are the most restrictive. The winds have to be almost perfectly calm. We can continue skydiving in a little higher winds. Airplane rides have the highest wind limit although it can be less enjoyable in gusty weather. All of these activities must avoid clouds and rain. Weather can change quickly, especially in Missouri. At times we may get delayed behind schedule due to weather. We start checking the weather three days in advance of your adventure. If the forecast looks bad we can reschedule. We’ll do another weather check the morning of your flight. After one last check of the weather, you are now ready for your lifetime experience.

Putting It All Together

All of us at Flight Providers are excited to share these lifetime experiences with you. Springfield skydiving tandem and flying an Airplane are all a unique adventure. They can give you a new perspective on life. This can even be the start of a lifetime enjoyment of aviation. This is what we want to share with you.


Our skydiving instructors have been trained by World Class Examiner Michael Wadkins part-owner of Michael and Mercedes are professionals driven by a passion for teaching and a deep love for the sport of Skydiving. Every year our instructors attend one or more of Xcelskydiving’s training courses.