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4460 Airport Rd.
Bolivar, MO 65613

Skydiving in Springfield MO

Welcome to the Real High Life.

Skydiving in Springfield, MO: Experience the Rush of Freefalling at 120 MPH

As the nearest skydiving hub to Springfield, MO, Flight Providers offers an unparalleled adventure led by our seasoned team. Embrace the thrill of skydiving in Springfield, MO, as we ensure a seamless and electrifying journey. With top-notch equipment and comprehensive training, your safety is our paramount concern. Rest assured, our Certified Instructors will guide you through each exhilarating moment of your unforgettable freefall in Springfield.

Flight Providers Reviews

There’s a reason this drop zone is rated 5 stars across the board.

– Iris

This was my first time jumping and it did not disappoint!

– Joel

I am definitely going back! If you wanna go jump in a safe and fun environment, Flight Providers is the place to go.

– John

The staff is super friendly, and they take great care of everybody coming in for a jump (or, you know, 500)!

– Josh

AMAZING experience!! I’ve jumped twice and this was better than the first!!!

– Derek

It was life changing for me, really. I can’t wait to go back!!

– Logan W

You feel like part of the family when you visit this place! They preach safety first and that’s exactly how they make you feel!

– Evan K

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