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Skydiving Training


Are you the type of person that says, “This is something I want to do by myself”? You can skydive by yourself the first time, or this might be your next step after a tandem jump. Some people just have to do things for themselves. At Skydive Missouri the solo training program is designed around getting your license. It takes 25 jumps to get your license. The first jump sets a foundation and we progress from there. We want to share this exciting adventure with people. We want to share this exciting adventure with people. When you arrive you’ll become part of the Skydive Missouri family. Once you have your license jumps are cheaper and you can travel to other skydiving centers across the US. All jumpers will need to be 18 or over and weigh less than 230 lbs. There are a couple of different solo training options available.


You don’t have to start your skydive training with a specific goal in mind. It’s always fun to jump out of an airplane. Although there are many different styles of skydiving you can learn. Once you get past the initial skydiving license you’ll start increasing your jump numbers. With your license and own gear, jumps are about $30. You can even become a full-time professional skydiving instructor and teach others.

Skydive Missouri Training Instructor

Skydive Training Instructors are in demand across the US and all around the world. Becoming a skydive training instructor can give you the opportunity to make money skydiving. This is a great opportunity for people who don’t like to sit behind a desk. There are several levels of skydive training instructors. The initial level is a “Coach” rating. Once you have 100 jumps you can attend a rating course to become a Coach. The more advanced levels require more jumps. If you aren’t interested in teaching, BASE jumping is probably the most extreme extension of skydiving

Skydive Training into BASE Jumping

Starting skydive training and getting your skydiving license can prepare you to learn BASE jumping. The BASE acronym stands for Building, Antenna, Span (bridge), and Earth. You achieve a BASE number when you have jumped from each one. The two most critical aspects of BASE jumping are body position and canopy control. That is the ability to control your parachute and land exactly where you want. Often times the landing area for a BASE jump is small. We start skydive training focusing on exactly those two things. If we know you are interested in BASE jumping we can work specifically on parachute landing accuracy after you get your initial skydiving license. Most BASE jump schools require that you have 200 skydives first. BASE jumping can also be done in a wingsuit to cover more distance and for proximity flying (low to the ground).

Skydive Training into Wingsuiting

People who have done wingsuit skydive training say it’s like turning your body into an airplane. Instead of just falling you can fly, turn, dive, and carve through the air like an airplane. Because of all the additional material you have a lot more control over the wind. There are different sizes of wingsuits. You’ll starting wingsuit training with a small wing and progress up in size as you gain more control. Most wingsuit schools require that you have 150 skydives first. Some of the jumps that are the most fun are demonstration or flag jumps.

Demonstration Skydiving

Skydiving in front of a crowd at a college or professional football game is very exciting. Like becoming an instructor, there are multiple levels of demonstration jumps. Demonstration jumps include flag jumps, jumping smoke, landing in a stadium, landing with the game football, etc. Once you have 100 jumps you can start practicing jumping with flags and smoke. 200 jumps are required to start jumping into demonstrations. Smaller and more confined landing areas require more jumps. Skydiving training is a lot of fun and is the starting point for all of these paths.


There are several different ways to exit an aircraft. Each aircraft is a little different. The door size, exit speed, type of jump all play a factor in which type of exit is best. We’ll make sure you are comfortable with different types of exits. Different aircraft are used for skydiving in Missouri. The type of aircraft can change your exit position.

Canopy Flight

Accurate canopy control is a skill that takes a lot of jumps to master. At first, your goal will be to land anywhere in a large field. As you get more jumps, your target will get smaller and smaller until you are landing in a 30-foot radius circle. Don’t forget to take in the amazing view under canopy as you skydive over Missouri.

Emergency Procedures

On your first jump we cover all of the emergency procedures thoroughly. You’ll be able to identify a malfunction and respond accordingly.


On your first jump we cover all of the emergency procedures thoroughly. You’ll be able to identify a malfunction and respond accordingly.


Freefall skills start with simply getting stable while falling straight down. A stable freefall position improves the chances of clean parachute deployment. Then we add turns and speed adjustment (falling slower/faster). By the end of the 25 jumps, you’ll be doing front flips, backflips, and barrel rolls as you skydive in Missouri.


On your first jump, it’s important to understand how a parachute is deployed and how to operate the handles. During training, we’ll cover packing, maintenance, and gear selection. As you get closer to having your license we’ll assist you with buying your gear.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees all aviation in the US. The FAA recognizes the United States Parachute Association (USPA) as a governing body. It will be important to understand the rules and regulations for skydiving.


Once you have your license jumps get cheaper and you can jump at skydiving centers across the US. There are four levels of skydiving licenses. You can get your A-License at 25 jumps. It takes 50 jumps to get your B-License, 200 for your C-License, and 500 for your D-License. Each license gives you more privileges. Come join the fun of skydiving in Missouri!