Exciting Skydiving Gift Certificate Closest to Springfield

Want to give the most exciting and unforgettable gift ever? Share the excitement of a solo or tandem skydive with a skydiving gift certificate! You’ll be giving a lasting memory that they will never forget. Years after their jump they will still be excited talking about their skydive. This gift certificate is a life changing experience. Skydiving is something they have always wanted to. You’re giving them the opportunity. You can also personalize your amazing gift with a special message.

Add a Special Message to the Skydiving Gift Certificate

And they’ll remember who gave them the best gift ever. Add a personal message to make it more special. Some words of encouragement might help. People tend to get a little nervous about jumping out of an airplane. Gift certificates are great for birthdays, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more. When they are ready to skydive we’ll have a ground photographer onsite. This way everyone can see photos of the excitement.

Onsite Photography

Our onsite photographer will be available to capture activities on the ground. All of the photos that we take will be available for download. We try to include everyone in the group. We welcome observers to support the jumpers. Although the airport is active so we discourage pets and child must be watched closely. Video and photos of the actual skydive can also be purchased.

Skydiving Video and Photo Upgrade Option

You can also purchase the video and photos package as part of the skydiving gift certificate. This upgrade can also be purchased later if they want to add it. This is a great way to share the experience with others and relive the experience. And they will watch the video over and over. It also gives you the chance to watch the video of their skydive. The most popular option is tandem skydiving. On a tandem skydive jumpers are attached to the instructor.

Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificate

Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience skydiving. Jumpers are attached to a certified skydiving instructor. Tandem training covers how to exit the airplane, basic freefall body position, landing and a few more techniques. Your instructor will be with you every step of the way. And the first step out of the airplane is a long one. The instructor will take care of freefall, deploying the parachute, flying the canopy and landing. We are excited the be part of your skydiving experience. We love sharing this adventure with others. If someone doesn’t want to jump tandem they can also jump solo the first time.

Solo Jump School Skydiving Gift Certificate

Know someone ready for the adventure of jumping solo? You can jump solo the first time if you want. This is perfect for people who don’t want to jump tandem. These people are motivated by being able to say, “I jumped by myself.” Solo skydive jump school includes a 4-5 hour training session. This training covers everything you need to know. Sections include equipment, exiting the aircraft, emergency procedures, landing, etc. Visit the solo skydive jump school page for more information. Whether you are tandem skydiving or solo skydiving you are working with professionals.

Skydiving With Professionals

Our instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). All of our pilots are Commercial and Instrument rated. The Tandem Instructor Rating requires a minimum of 500 jumps. Our most experienced instructors have multiple ratings. They also have thousands of jumps. You’ll see that our instructors have a passion for teaching. All instructors attend a yearly Safety Day training event. In addition they attend recurrency training conducted by a USPA Examiner. This helps to ensure high skill levels are maintained. The professionalism of our instructors helps us maintain an excellent safety record. There are some restrictions to be aware of before skydiving or buying a skydiving gift certificate.

Skydiving limitations

All jumpers need to 18 or older and weigh less than 230lbs. Unfortunately even with parents consent minors are not allowed to skydive. This is a rule from the United States Parachute Association. And like all aviation activities we are dependent on weather. If the winds are too strong or the clouds are too low we cannot jump. There is always a chance that we’ll need to reschedule the jump for another day. When someone is ready to jump we make it easy to redeem the certificate.

Redeeming Skydiving Gift Certificate

Their skydiving gift certificate can be redeemed online or by calling 417-SKYDIVE (417-759-3483). During the checkout process they will be able to apply the certificate code. This will be a life-changing experience they will never forget.

A Skydiving Gift Certificate is the Right Choice

This is definitely the gift that they have been waiting for. This is more than a one time gift. Skydiving is a lasting memory that they will never forget. It gives you a different perspective of life.