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AM Graphics

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We have contracted with Flight Providers for more than 3 years. She was contracted as a social media specialist and evolved into graphic design work as well. She led photography and videography capturing and editing to generate skydiving content for clients and marketing purposes.

Soar M17

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This has been a really great organization to partner with. They do all of the maintenance work, annuals and inspection on our jump airplane. They make sure everything is running and are very responsive. Their organization trains missionary pilots and mechanics. I have flown with several of their flight instructors and they are very capable and great teachers.

Brandon Goring - BG Tree Service

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I have been friends with Brandon for several years. Brandon is one of the skydiving instructors at Flight Providers. He had also done some training with us to become a pilot. In skydiving he focuses on freeflying style and canopy flight/swooping. His tree service has come to our location to remove dead trees, spread mulch and make recommendations for managing the trees. His business has been successful and he’s a very reliable person.