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Skydiving A-License Category F


  • Tracking
  • Tracking dive


  • Braked turns
  • Glide ratio
  • Landing point
  • Braked pattern


  • Spotting
  • Effect of winds on exit
  • Freefall drift

Category F – Reading

SIM Section 4 Category F
Study USPA Basic Safety Requirements for A license holders (SIM Sections 2-1.B; G.3; H.2; I.1 — 3; M.5; and N)
Study USPA conditions, requirements, and privileges for A-license holders (SIM Section 3-1)
Study USPA recommendations on recurrent training (SIM Section 5-2)
Study SIM Section 5-1.F to review power-line landing procedures
Study USPA recommendations on group separation during jump run (SIM Section 5-7)
Read the owner’s manuals for the main and reserve canopies and the harness and container system in use for jumps in this category