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Skydiving A-License Category D


  • Parachute deployment
  • Pull priorities
  • Altitude references
  • Loss of control


  • Pull priorities
  • Two canopies out review
  • Bi-plane
  • Side-by-side
  • Downplane
  • Jumper entanglement


  • Above Ground Level (AGL) vs Mean Sea Level (MSL)
  • Cloud clearance
  • Students and definition of daylight

Category D – Reading

SIM Section 4 Category D

Read and memorize the table on cloud clearance and visibility requirements in FAR 105.17 (SIM Section 9-1)

Review SIM Section 2-1.G.9 (BSRs) on daylight requirements for student jumps

Study SIM Section 5-1.F to review building landing procedures

Study SIM Section 5-1.E on equipment malfunctions

Study SIM Section 5-3.G on AADs