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How much does it cost to go skydiving?

Experience the Rush in Springfield MO: Skydiving Costs and What to Expect
Skydiving is an adventure unlike any other, offering adrenaline-pumping thrills and breathtaking views from high above Missouri. At Flight Providers, we strive to make this exhilarating experience accessible to all. One of the most common questions we receive is: “How much does it cost to go skydiving?”

Tandem Skydiving: Breaking Down the Prices

Tandem skydiving is ideal for beginners, allowing you to jump harnessed to one of our certified instructors. Prices for tandem skydiving at Flight Providers typically range from $300 to $500. This fee includes:

  • Comprehensive training and briefings
  • All necessary skydiving equipment
  • A tandem jump with a seasoned professional
  • Unforgettable views of Missouri’s landscapes

Here are our tandem skydiving options:

  • Tandem Only: $299
  • Tandem with Video AND Photos: $448

With tandem skydiving, you get a premium experience at an affordable price, ensuring maximum excitement and enjoyment from start to finish.

Solo Skydiving Courses

For those looking to take the plunge solo, our Static-Line (IAD) training offers intensive preparation. Our solo skydiving courses start at $199, covering the cost of the one-time ground school and the first jump. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Ground School: $99 for a 4-5 hour session
  • Each Jump: $100
  • Total Cost for A-License: $2,599 – $2,999 (25 jumps required; some people may need up to 29 jumps)

Once you obtain your A license, full altitude jumps are $31 each with your own gear or $51 with rented gear. If you decide to buy gear, budget around $4,000 – $6,000. We can help you choose the right gear, which holds its value over time.

Static Line Training Option

With Static-Line (IAD) training, you learn to fly the parachute in the first few jumps and then develop freefall skills in later jumps. Here’s a summary of the progression:

  1. Ground School: 4-5 hours.
  2. Jumps 1-2: Learn correct body position and fly the parachute.
  3. Jumps 3-6: Learn to deploy your parachute as you leave the airplane.
  4. Jumps 7-9: First actual freefall jumps with 10 seconds of freefall.
  5. Jumps 10-12: Full altitude jumps, practicing turns in freefall.
  6. Jumps 13-15: Front flips, back flips, and barrel rolls.
  7. Jumps 16-20: Moving forward, backward, up, and down.
  8. Jumps 21-23: Link up with your instructor in the air.
  9. Jump 24: Practice for the graduation dive test.
  10. Jump 25: Graduation dive, testing multiple skills in one jump.

Discovery Flights

If skydiving feels a bit too extreme, or you’re looking to ease into the sport, consider a discovery flight. These scenic airplane rides provide a taste of the skydiving experience without the jump. Here are our options:

  • 30-Minute Discovery Flight: $299
  • 1-Hour Discovery Flight: $399

These flights include a 30-45 minute ground portion where you learn to taxi, fly the airplane, and perform the aircraft pre-flight inspection.

Why Choose Flight Providers?

Flight Providers is located conveniently near Springfield, MO, making it the top choice for local skydiving enthusiasts.

Here’s why we stand out:


Certified Instructors

Our highly trained and certified team ensures maximum excitement and an enriching experience.


Comprehensive Training

Offering in-depth preparation and safety briefings before each jump.


Top-Notch Equipment

We use reliable and advanced gear for all skydiving activities.


Memorable Experiences

From exhilarating tandem jumps to scenic flights, we cater to novices and seasoned skydivers alike.

Book Your Adventure Today

Don’t wait to experience the thrill of skydiving. Contact us at Flight Providers to learn more about our skydiving packages and book your adventure today! Remember, understanding how much it costs to go skydiving is just the beginning—your unforgettable adventure awaits.

Flight Providers Reviews

This was my first time jumping and it did not disappoint!

– Joel

AMAZING experience!! I’ve jumped twice and this was better than the first!!!

– Derek

There’s a reason this drop zone is rated 5 stars across the board.

– Iris

The staff is super friendly, and they take great care of everybody coming in for a jump (or, you know, 500)!

– Josh

You feel like part of the family when you visit this place! They preach safety first and that’s exactly how they make you feel!

– Evan K

I am definitely going back! If you wanna go jump in a safe and fun environment, Flight Providers is the place to go.

– John

It was life changing for me, really. I can’t wait to go back!!

– Logan W