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Airplane Ride and Flight Training

An airplane ride and flight training near Springfield is a great way to experiencing soaring through they sky. Ride along with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and see what it’s like to be a pilot. Sit back and take in the view as we travel to a destination of your choice. After a brief flight training ground lesson and flight planning, we take to the sky. We can tailor the experience to what you want. Some people just want to enjoy the ride while others are exploring career options.


Take the control and fly the airplane yourself or site back and enjoy the ride. All discovery flights include 15 minutes of ground instructions, 15 minutes airplane pre-flight inspection and then 30 or 60 minutes airplane time.

Use the booking calendar or call 417-SKY-DIVE (417-759-3483) for additional availability.

30 MINUTES – $299

  • 15 Minutes ground instruction
  • 15 Minutes Pre-flight inspections
  • 30 Minutes Airplane time
  • 5 Minute debrief

60 MINUTES – $299

  • 15 Minutes ground instruction
  • 15 Minutes Pre-flight inspections
  • 60 Minutes Airplane time
  • 5 Minute debrief


Do you want to sit back and enjoy the flight or be more hands-on and fly the airplane? All Airplane rides include a brief flight training lesson. The extent of the flight training can be adjusted to meet your specific goals. If you are considering aviation as a career this is a great introductory flight training lesson and counts towards getting your pilot license.

Consider a Career as a Commercial Pilot with an Airplane Ride and Flight Training

Are you interested in becoming a Commercial Pilot? It all starts with your first airplane ride near Springfield. Several of our pilots have moved up as pilots for charter flight carriers or the airlines. This discovery flight training will count towards you license and include an introduction into all aspects of flying an airplane. We can also provide an overview of the different paths for becoming a commercial pilot. Each path has their pros and cons. This flight training lesson is a great opportunity to see if becoming a pilot is something that you would enjoy. If you want to sit back and enjoy the view there are several amazing destinations nearby.

Flight to a destination of your choice during the airplane ride and flight training

There are several destinations that are amazing to see from the sky. If your house is nearby we can fly over it during the airplane ride. To the West is Stockton Lake, North is Pomme de Terre, and we can go South for a flight training lesson over Springfield. Further destinations are available, however, this would require a longer flight. All of our flights include a ground briefing followed by the flight portion.


Discovery flights are designed to give you an introduction to all aspects of flying an airplane. The two main categories are ground preparation and flight training operations. There are some basic things that all pilots, at every level, review on the ground before getting in the airplane. These would be things like weather, travel distance, fuel required, etc. Flight operations are the ability to control the airplane in the air. Your flight training instructor will go over some basic maneuvers with you. If you want, you can take the controls and fly the airplane. Before we get in the airplane let’s cover more details about the ground lesson.

Ground Lesson Before Airplane Ride and Flight Training

During the ground lesson portion, you’ll select a destination that you want to see or the flight maneuvers that you want to try. Depending on how far the destination is we’ll determine how much fuel is needed for the flight. We’ll also need to spend some time looking at weather reports. We don’t want to get caught in any storms during the airplane ride. We’ll spend some time on the ground explaining how the controls work. You will learn to think in 3 dimensions. There are several maneuvers that you can try on your first flight if you want. There are a lot of different buttons and gauges in an airplane. We won’t explain all of them but we’ll go over the basic ones. Now we’re ready to head to the airplane for your flight.

Time for the Airplane Ride and Flight Training

Time to get in the air for the flight training portion and airplane ride. One last step before takeoff. We need to perform a preflight inspection of the aircraft. This is where we make sure the airplane is airworthy. We’ll taxi to the runway and get clearance to depart towards our destination. During the flight training, your instructor will explain a little more about the controls and flight instruments. If you selected a maneuver to try they’ll explain how to do it and then show you. Now it’s your turn to take the controls and try the maneuver yourself. If you selected a destination to see we’ll head that way as you sit back and enjoy the view. En route to your destination, we’ll talk about basic navigation. If you enjoy the flight training and want to talk about getting your license we can provide more information.


Think about how nice it would be to take off and fly to Florida for a weekend. Everyone has thought about becoming a pilot. It does take a lot of work, time, and money but it’s worth it. The cost of getting your private pilot license can range from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on your background. Any previous flight training or airplane ride experience helps. It takes a minimum of 40 flight hours total to get your license. About 20-30 of those hours are with a Certified Flight Training Instructor (CFI). You’ll also need about 10 hours of solo flight time. Give us a call at 417-SKYDIVE (417-759-3483) if you have specific questions about getting your pilot license near Springfield. This is why discovery flights are great. It gives you an introduction to flying training and can help you decide if it’s for you.


Some people have never been on an airplane ride while others are exploring aviation as a career. Now that you have been on a flight training discovery you’ll understand the excitement of aviation. We can also take you on a tandem skydiving adventure near Springfield. A discovery flight is just the first step on an ongoing adventure.