Military skydiving discount closest to Springfield and Fort Leonard Wood.

We offer military skydiving discounts for tandem skydiving and solo skydiving. Our focus is on team building and camaraderie as we skydive and learn together. There are a variety of activities that we do as a team. As a team we also tie-dye shirts, go axe throwing, bowling, play laser tag,  or anything else that sounds fun. A lot of the games turn into a friendly competition. This creates a fun atmosphere that brings people back each weekend.  We eat together, jump together, and support each other. We have several current jumpers that are active military members or Veterans. They have helped shape our positive atmosphere and culture. military members fit in well with our culture and we want to help more people get into the sport of skydiving. In order to do so we offer Veteran and military skydiving discounts.

$10 Off Tandem Skydive

$50 Off Solo Skydive

Military Skydiving Discount

We offer military skydiving discounts for tandem skydiving and solo skydiving. We offer a larger discount a larger discount for solo skydiving.  Our goal is to encourage more people to get their skydiving license. Jumping solo you learn more about the equipment and procedures. The more you learn, the more involved you are in the skydive. We offer $10 off tandem skydiving. We offer $50 off the solo skydiving ground school. When booking a tandem skydive use promocode “Military10”. When booking a solo skydive use promocode “Military50”. (Must show military ID when arriving.) On a tandem skydive you are attached to a certified instructor. The solo skydive requires a 4-5 hour ground school course before you jump. Here is a history on parachuting from Wikipedia. If you are trying to organize a group of jumpers that is something we can help coordinate.

Military Skydiving Discounts with Group Planner

Are you the one organizing the group skydive? We can help with that. To request an event planner fill out the contact form or text/call 417-SKYDIVE (417-759-3483).  We also offer the group organizer a free T-shirt because we know that takes time and effort. (Free shirt offer is valid for groups of 4 or more jumpers.) We start by creating a facebook event for everyone to communicate on. This is a great way for me to answer questions and provide updates on weather. It also gives everyone a central place to talk about possible dates that work for everyone. Your event planner can also make sure you take advantage of the military skydiving discounts. Another great option for groups is tie-dying your own skydiving shirts.

Group Skydiving Tie-Dye Shirts!

Tie-dying skydiving shirts with a group is always great fun. There is an initial setup fee and tie-dye ready Flight Providers skydiving shirts are purchased individually. The setup fee is waived if you purchase 10 or more shirts. We have a wide range of different colors option to use on your tie-dye skydiving shirt. This is a great way to get everyone involved, even if they aren’t jumping. Friends and family observing your jump also like to tie-dye a skydiving shirt.  In addition to tandem skydiving, we also offer airplane rides, flight training, and hot air balloon rides.

Discovery Flights, Flight Lessons, and Hot Air Balloon rides near Fort Leonard Wood and Springfield

If you don’t want to tandem skydive, hot air balloon rides are amazing floating over the Ozarks. The discovery flight includes a short ground lesson and airplane inspection before we take off. Once in the air you can take the controls and fly the airplane. This is a great way to see what it’s like to fly or explore the possibility of becoming a commercial pilot. We also provide flight lessons for private pilot and commercial pilot training. Last year we purchased a hot air balloon and started providing rides. We offer a lot of different activities all focused around having fun as a team.