Group Planning for Skydiving

Are you the one doing the skydiving group planning? We can help with that. We also offer your group organizer a free T-shirt because we know that takes time and effort. (Free shirt offer is valid for groups of 4 or more jumpers.) To talk with one of our event planners fill out the contact form or text/call 417-SKYDIVE (417-759-3483).  We’ll start by creating a facebook event for everyone to communicate on. This works great for bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, gender reveals, etc. We can also create a secret event if this group skydive is for an engagement or other secret surprise.  This gives everyone a central place to talk about possible dates that work for everyone. Your event planner can also make sure you take advantage of the military skydiving discounts. Another great option for groups is tie-dying your own skydiving shirts.


Our Event Planner can explain all of the production and add-on options available.


Our onsite photographer will capture photos of your entire group.

Group Planning and Skydiving Tie-Dye Shirts!

Tie-dying skydiving shirts with a group is always great fun. There is an initial setup fee and tie-dye ready Flight Providers skydiving shirts are purchased separately. The setup fee is waived for skydiving groups that purchase 10 shirts or more. We have a wide range of different color options to use on your tie-dye skydiving shirt. This is a great way to get everyone involved, even if they aren’t jumping. Friends and family observing your jump would also like to tie-dye a skydiving shirt. For those people ready to take the leap we have a couple different skydiving options.

Group Planning Skydive Options near Springfield

Springfield skydiving tandem is our most popular option but you can also do a solo skydive the first time. During a tandem skydive you are attached to a USPA certified instructor. Your instructor keeps you stable during freefall, deploys the parachute, and controls the canopy for landing. The solo skydive option requires a 4-5 hour ground school course that prepares you for your jump. Your group skydive can have a mix of both tandem skydiving and solo skydiving jumpers. Winds have to be lower for solo jumps so they are more likely to get rescheduled than tandem jumps. We also have video and photo packages available to capture the whole experience. Airplane rides, discovery flights and flight training are also offered. This is a great opportunity to experience flying an airplane for yourself.

Taste the thrill of flight with an airplane ride and flight lesson near Springfield

You’ve always wanted to fly an airplane near springfield. Taking the controls and soaring through the sky is a great experience. During the discovery flight you’ll ride along with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and see what it’s like to be a pilot. Sit back and take in the view as we travel to a nearby destination of your choice. After a brief flight training ground lesson we plan our flight path and take to the sky. We can tailor the experience to what you want. This is a great option if someone doesn’t want to jump out of the airplane. Some people just want to enjoy the ride while others are exploring the idea of becoming a commercial pilot. All of these activities and adventures make great memories. We also have an onsite photographer to take great photos.

Onsite Photography with Group Planning

Our onsite photographer will be capturing all of your skydiving group activities on the ground. All of the photos that we take will be available for download. This will be a great memory that you’ll be able to share with others.